Don't Overspend at a Dealership

Don't Overspend at a Dealership

Find foreign car repair services in Dallas, GA and the Metro Atlanta area

Foreign cars come with a variety of benefits, including better looks and engine performance. One potential downside is locating a technician in the Dallas, Georgia area that specializes in foreign car repair services. Fortunately for you, Alpha Auto Center does.

Our team handles diagnostic testing for most foreign cars. We repair and replace manual transmissions, too. Need your brakes repaired? We can take care of this for you as well. Call 770-443-1409 today to schedule an appointment.

Why you need a foreign car or truck service specialist

You may be wondering why you can't bring your foreign vehicle to any technician in the Dallas, GA and surrounding areas. A foreign car service specialist has the right:

  • Equipment: Diagnostic and maintenance equipment isn't often interchangeable between domestic and foreign vehicles.
  • Experience: Our expert technicians can identify issues quickly, thanks to years of experience with foreign cars.
  • Parts: There are no generic replacement parts when it comes to high-end German and British cars.

Make sure you're giving your car the treatment it deserves. Bring your BMW, MINI Cooper, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai or any other foreign car in for service today.